1st - 12th grade online classes on Mathematics, Science, English etc.

One-to-one online tuition classes for ICSE and CBSE 

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Explore 1st grade to 12th grade of one to one online tuition classes

1st to 5th grade online tuition classes

Experience level of teachers : 5 – 10 yrs

Tuition on all subjects, EVS, & english-sst are popular in this category. However you can choose tuition on any particular subject according to your requirement

6th to 10th grade online tuition classes

Experience level of teachers : 10 – 15 yrs

Tuition on Math-Science & English-SST are popular in this category. However you can choose tuition on any particular subject according to your requirement

11th to 12th grade online tuition classes

Experience level of teacher: 15+ years

Tuition on individual subject wise is popular. Tuition on only Math, only Chemistry or Only English or only Accountancy is to be chosen in this category.

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Explore 1st - 5th grade online classes

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Why you should look for 1st to 12th grade tutor online?

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reach globally, get limitless teachers

Opportunity to look beyond geographical boundaries for connecting with online tutor for class 1 - 12 and never be deprived of getting the best, qualified, and experienced teachers.

save time

No need to travel anywhere. You can attend classes LIVE online from the comfort of your home . Thus travel time is saved. Moreover, you do not feel tired as there is no journey involved.


Location does not matter. Rather you can connect with your teacher from any location or any place as per your convenience. But your only requirements are laptop or computer device and good internet connectivity

parents can also join class virtually from anywhere

Parents always have option to join in any of the ongoing classes virtually from any location at any point of time to get a feel of the class and this is more helpful, especially for the working parents those who can not stay at home during class time.

save money

As students join in online class from the comfort of their home, therefore no travel expenditure like petrol, parking, transportation cost is involved. As a result a good amount money is saved on joining with online tutor for grade 1 to 12.

easy to join class

Due to advancement in technology, numbers of video conferencing platforms are readily available and accessible by everybody. Google meet, Zoom are are one of the very popular platforms.

Why online tuition is advantageous?

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Benefits of one-on-one learning?

100 % attention

The teacher pays 100 % attention to a student as there is no other student in the class. The teacher understands the student much more personally because there is more one-to-one interactions involved. Moreover, teachers can easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of a student on particular subject and it helps teachers to prepare more effective lesson plans for the students.

class privacy

A Student does not feel shy or fearful of asking questions in case of any doubt in an one to one class as no other student is watching or listening to him. As they can ask questions freely in an one to one class, therefore gain better conceptual clarity and better command over the subjects and eventually develop a strong foundation and perform well in the examination

Personalized lesson

Teachers can prepare a more personalized plan of a lesson based on what student knows, interest, strength, and weakness on the subject. This helps in the overall development of students' learning.

Utilization of time

As there is one student at a time and only one who interacts during the class, therefore entire class time is completely devoted to that particular student only. This leads to better utilization of class time and a more effective way of learning

We Follow ICSE,CBSE, IB and state board curriculum

We follow all the popular boards of India and abroad

why choose us

one to one class

We keep the teacher-to-student ratio 1: 1 in all our online LIVE tuition classes for class 1 to 12. That means there is no other student present during the class. Therefore teacher gives 100% attention to a student.

choose teacher

We first set up 30-40 minutes of Live online demo class with a tutor already shortlisted from our empanelled teachers. If you like the demo class, then the same teacher will start your tuition classes. If not satisfied with the demo class then we will arrange a next demo class with another tutor

best teachers

Our teachers belong to top-notch 1% teachers of the education industry and possess an excellent feedback from the parents. Teachers are recruited based on their past experiences in teaching, educational background, and teaching abilities.


Tuition fees are reasonable and affordable as per one to one online tuition Industry. Moreover, fees are payable monthly, half-yearly, and annually as per your convenience.


As because this is one-on-one class, we will provide many weekly time slots those are available for that particular tutor. And student can find and fixed a best time slots as per their convenience.

easy platform

Classes are conducted through all popular, familiar & secured platforms, like google meet, Zoom, Skype, etc. Therefore students can join the classes without worrying about any technical difficulty or security concern.

Why you should join US?

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Tuition on all subjects

Online tuition on Math, English, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History, Biology, Hindi, Computer, Foreign languages and many more.

HOW TO start your online tuition class with us?

Step 1: Call us or apply

Call us @ 8100644540 or apply to let us know your class of study and in which subject you are looking for online tuition

Step 2: Attend free demo class with teacher

After we receive your application, we shall arrange one to one LIVE demo session with our best rated teacher

Step 3: Confirmation

If you are satisfied with the demo class conducted by the teacher, then we will set up a weekly class schedule as per your days and time preference and the same teacher will teach you in all of your subsequent classes

Looking for tuition fee which is affordable?

Tuition fee is affordable in the one-to-one online tuition domain. Tuition fee is set keeping in mind that students are also joining from less economically developed areas. Moreover, the tuition fees are payable monthly, half-yearly and yearly

Get Started with your one-on-one online tuition class today

Get exciting offer on tuition fee on every month. Apply to know more about the offers for the current month.

What parents say about us

Success stories

“I had been searching for a good teacher for a long time for my son who is studying in grade 6. But I did not find a suitable teacher. But the quickest solution I have received, when I called Digi Tutorial. My private tutor was appointed on the very next day. And I am happy with the classes conducted by the teacher”


payel kar


“Teachers from Digi Tutorial are really excellent. They not only teach, but also maintain a strong bonding with my son. Teachers explain and demonstrate the concepts in various ways. I am glad to have the online tuition from Digi Tutorial”

satisfied Parent of class 2 standard student

gautam chowdhury


“The platforms for online tuition sessions are very easy to use and all popular platforms. Digi tutorial’s representative always present during the time of session to resolve any technical issue. Teachers not only teach for regular board curriculum, but also prepare for various entrance examination”

Satisfied parent of Grade 9 student.

S Mondal


Student feedback on online tuition class